Wednesday, November 14, 2012

cards I made recently

sorry for not posting an entry , I have made so many beautiful cards I just have to share , It was my birthday and I got such amazing goodies for my birthday from all over the world , seriously , all over the world , how awesome is that ?
this is a christmas card I made and color in the little girl, that is a friend of mine's stamp , it is the greeting farm stamps

This is a stamp that a friend from USA sent me , it is so awesome , I colored it in and made a card of it , she sent it for my birthday , I am also making cards for the DA and will send this to them as well :)
She is bmwpcr and she is Brooke and she is one of my awesome friends I have on my youtube channel, she makes the most awesome person , she colors in so awesome .
She is one of the first people that sent me a RAK "random act of kindness"
she is one of my youtube friends her youtube name is bmwpcr .

this is the greeting farm stamp but the ballerina Anya , I used my copic markers I got from a friend for my birthday to color the girl in and the paper I bought with dollars I got from another friend from the USA Rochelle Mezzano , she is such an awesome person , she is such an inspiration and she helped me with a lot of life lessons and advice . I also used stickles on the dress at the bottom I got from another friend from the USA Becky , she has this awesome blog , here is the link to her blog ,

she makes the most awesome handmade items and her cooking is brilliant , I got so many tips from her , she is an amazing cook and I love her to bits, she is Auntbeckscreations on youtube 
My channel is Mieliefishify

 this is the RAK I got from Brooke  (bmwpcr)
for my birthday , such awesome birthday goodies , thank you so much , I am blessed to have a wonderful friend like you .

I made a few earrings and sent my friend Jeanne five pairs , she loves my earrings and I made the pink keyring top right for my best friend Heinrich's girlfriend , okay I guess he is my second best friend as my husband is my best friend hehe anyway , she loved it and she liked a green one for her mom too , so I made another one for her mom , it came out so nice , it was very nice to meet Heinrich's girlfriend , they visited us this past Sunday , the 11th November 2012 , I made nice chicken breasts, with veggie bake and sweet carrot circles and spanish garlic rice with three kinds of sweet peppers , yellow, green and red, it came out so nice :) Heinrich made a joke and said why am I making such a healthy dinner , as if my cooking is not healthy ever , *giggles* , well it was all we had, he has to take it or leave  it I guess * sm:)e *

this is a card I made with my white gel marker and an some bling that I got from Rochelle Mezzano and I added the puffy sticker that I got from Elizabeth in a RAK she sent me the most amazing papers too I will add a photo of all the goodies I got from her for my birthday wishlist too , she is beadybombom1 on youtube , I met so many remarkable friends on youtube and I have 237 subscribers and friends on there , they are amazing and I think it is an awesome platform to meet friends , ever since we moved from Pretoria to Cape town , I had to make new friends as I have lived over forty years in Pretoria and nearly two years ago since we moved to Cape town had to make new friends here , but I also made awesome friends right all over the world, I got some packages from friends from Russia, Ukraine, UK, USA and Australia , all over the world actually , I thank God every day for blessings and having such amazing friends who send me stuff and goodies to pursue my dream and making it possible for me to make beautiful things , as things are so expensive here in South Africa . I am truly blessed with wonderful friends like that .

I made this hello Asian hello kitty I colored her in pink and darkish pink as I wanted to get the same effect for the ribbon to go along with that , that paper range is so awesome and I got it from beadybombom1 Elizabeth, she is one of my youtube friends and also the ribbon I got from Becky , in my first ever RAK from her , I use these ribbons as they are so beautiful , thank you Becky .
That is the Martha Stewart holiday season paper range .

this is the RAK I got from beadybombom1 Elizabeth my friend from the UK for my birthday , she sent me the most awesome handmade flowers and paper range and as well as lace trim and halloween goodies and flatback pearls , over sixty of them in the most amazing colors and vintage buttons for the flowers that I handmade .

this is the side of the house , I took out all the grass and the weeds there , my husband put some stuff  there and the stepping stones so the weeds does not grow back , I am so blessed to be able to still work in the garden , little by little we are getting there and sorting our garden out , I love working in the garden although my nails does not like that anymore it is broken off and it does not look all that good anymore , but I will have it restored soon enough , I know this is a arty farty blog but I can still do other things than making cards too , like working in the garden haha

me and my husband , I love him so much , we are together for a long time now and we have been married for ten years, he is my love and my life .

just something I thought about busy writing this blog entry , haha I am off topic here I know , but why not ? :)

now this made me so happy I tell you I was so happy to make a range of these cards, my best friend Jeanne designed this digital image and she sent it to me , she has drawn it and I printed it out and colored it in with copic markers she sent to me for my birthday , so so blessed , she is an amazing artist and if someone is interested in having some of her work, please let me know , I am going to start a blog with her images especially for her and market her work , I have her permission to do so , isn't this amazing ?
like this image ontop , she designed this also and it made such amazing cards, I love love this image, she said she is going to design more :) I can't wait , thank you Maatjie xx Jeanne

you can print this image , smaller and bigger and I colored this one in with brownish colors, and it still came out so beautiful , love it !

My brother from Australia sent me this photo of his twins and his eldest , his eldest is Stian and then Brandon and then Bradley , they are twins and they are so adorable, he phoned me for an half hour on my birthday the 9th October it was so wonderful and it really cheered me up a lot , felt so blessed , whoop whoop

Wow this is really going to be a very long blog entry !

I am doing this inbetween washing and such haha

me and my mom in law last year in the mall , I really miss her a lot , seen her more than a year ago when she visited us , when we moved into our new house , I am truly blessed to have such an amazing mother in law, it is not every day that you get mother in laws that love their husband's wives , I am really truly blessed to have such an awesome mom !

jip another birthday mail all the way from the USA from Becky , Auntbeckscreations on youtube, I met so many wonderful friends and she follows me on facebook also , I love everything she sent me and she makes the most wonderful goodies , I got the most amazing brads from her , thank you so much Becky , she is a wonderful cook and her link to her blog is above somewhere :) xx

ok the above package I got from my friend Patti on youtube  she is swtpeapatti , and she sent me the most amazing paper stacks and 8x8 one and a 6x6 pad and the most awesome doilies and glue that they use in the USA which is totally awesome and the most awesome handmade flowers and I am roses chinese blossoms and emmery boards for my nails and arty stuff and some patterned paper which I love to wrap gifts n and amazing goodies, I am so blessed .

I will do another blog as soon as I can with the other range of cards that I made , I made more amazing christmas cards and will upload that shortly , now I must go and hang up my towels as time goes by so fast , if I see again then it is time again to make dinner . hope you all have a wonderful day

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